Five year Integrated Interdisciplinary Master of Science (MS) Programme

A knowledge centre comprising of Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility, instructor-led classroom teaching and technology–enhanced learning techniques, first of this kind among the universities in Kerala, namely Institute for Intensive Research in Basic Sciences , has been instituted directly under Mahatma Gandhi University in 2008. The Institute provides intellectual, instrumental as well as experimental support for pursuing excellence in all branches of sciences and is expected to contribute to the talent pool of researchers and specialized technicians. Subsequently, the Institute launched a Five year Integrated Interdisciplinary Master of Science programme in the year 2009 for the students who completed their plus 2 with sciences and mathematics

The program gives equal importance to class room instructions and research work. The course consists of a flexible course work, research project to demonstrate attainment of a high degree of scientific ability followed by advanced research on a specific topic leading to MS degree. This provides a unique opportunity for students after +2 sciences to engage in high priority research in frontier areas of sciences. The course and curriculum is designed in such a way that students get direct participation in the operation and maintenance of the instrumentation facility and laboratory

The MS programme is conducted strictly based on the rules and regulations approved by the university. It is the responsibility of the Institute to take-up all the administrative matters from the admission test to the completion of the end - semester examinations. All the examinations will be conducted as per the examination calendar. This includes setting of question paper, conduct of all examinations, valuation of answer books and preparation of mark sheets etc. The results will be announced by the controller of examinations followed by the award of Degree.